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Friday, November 04, 2005
Feisty Grandma

The cough I started with a couple days ago has hit into a very nasty cold. It's no big deal in the big scheme but I'm just a little less wordy than usual.

Speaking of which though, Nyquil is an amazing psychotic little liquid! I am used to a lot of different meds, but a spoonful of that stuff, and I'm sitting on the moon.

This story has been making big headlines in Vancouver the last few days.

An 89 year old great-grandmother, Marjory Campbell, fought back a home invader. The Scottish widow kicked the man in the shins and finally with a dumbell before he eventually was driven off.

Unfortunately she was injured and lost an heirloom, given to her by her grandmother when she was 9. A locket with a small pearl with her engraved initials, and the pictures of her late husband and father inside.

The lady is amazingly feisty though - proclaiming on TV that the 'lowdown beast' should be subjected to 'lashes'. I'm certainly not disagreeing there.

Kudos to her. Such an incredibly traumatic situation, and I don't think I would have had the presence of mind that she did. Animals who attack the weak and elderly deserve no mercy, in my mind.

Sadly, it's becoming far too common here now.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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