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Friday, January 06, 2006
The Date Is Set
The last couple days have been a blur. For some reason, my internet connection at home has blown some sort of fuse and is not working. You really don't notice how much you need something until it's gone.

I owe email and feel like I'm half disconnected at the moment. Work has been more than a little hectic since everyone returned this week and so, I don't have much time here either.

Anyhoo...the good news is I have a date for surgery. February 9 I will undergo the meniscus and MCL repair.

The surgeon did a reassessment yesterday and was concerned enough that he wanted to do the surgery immediately. Unfortunately, they couldn't get a time in the operating room until the 9th. Because I am practically immobile, my knee is getting weaker daily and the longer it will take for recovery.

Work was none too pleased with my planned absence, but I don't have a choice. It's two weeks off. No option. At least we have a few weeks to get things in order.

This means though that I will have to miss a concert that I had been much anticipating. Great Big Sea. They were playing in Vancouver on February 9. I am beyond disappointed.

Vegas is February 17. I should still be able to go, but it will mean probably being a little careful. No crazy dancefloor moves here! But it is 8 days the date and I really need this vacation. Plus, I'll be meeting Teresa in the 3D world for the first time. As well as catching up with a group of friends I haven't seen since 1999. I will make it work.

In other news, my cousin Rick has taken a turn for the worse. He has ALS - more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. It's been about 2 years since his diagnoses. In the last month, he has ceased being able to swallow on his own, and now the night before last, the breathing went. He has now been fitted with a breathing apparatus, and is back at home now - his wish. At this point, I just hope he passes peacefully soon. There is nothing more that can be done and while I will miss him greatly, it is hard to see him struggling so much and knowing that it will not improve.

With that, I need to get back to work here before the floodgates open again. Hopefully I can restore internet connection at home soon and do some proper posting then.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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