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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Aurora Borealis

A new family member!

My brother's family (the ones with Ms Thang and Lil'Dude) lost their pup to cancer back on February 14. It took a while to mourn the loss.

This week, there have been negotiations and I'm pleased to say a new little soul is coming to join our extended family. She's a French Mastiff - yup, she'll be big - and currently lives in Missouri.

Towards the end of September, she will be flown up here to join us. That is a part of the story I don't want to know anything about. 10 years of working in logistics and coordinating the delivery of live animals has made me somewhat jittery, but I know that I'm just being overcautious.

Her name? There have been many thrown's gone from fantasy-laden names like Eowyn to mundane names like Daisy. Getting a whole family to agree is not an easy task. The other night though, the words "Aurora" kept coming up for them every where they looked. Be it the name of a town, a random word, or of course the Aurora Borealis.

Auri will be a very welcome addition to our family and I can't wait for her arrival.

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