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Monday, July 31, 2006
Another Kind Of Lethal Weapon
So Mel Gibson is entering rehab after his shameful display of abusive public drunkenness and driving while impaired.

It occurs to me that he must be one hell of an actor if the characters he plays on screen are so completely different from his real life personna.

Not much of a Braveheart. William Wallace would not be proud.

The funny thing is this is not really news. There have been many signs over the years, little hints to the 'other side' of Mel.

I remember a story of his antics back when he was in Vancouver filming Bird On A Wire,. He came with his family to see a movie at a local movie theatre. My friend was working the ticket booth and she was suprised when he chided his wife for walking beside him...making her take two steps behind.

The most disappointing thing though is his latest rant cannot be fully excused away by a night out with the bottle. One doesn't immediately become an anti-semite when inebriated. Stupid, yes. Mouthy, yes. But racial and cultural epithets come from a much darker place.

This post says it best though - Mel Gibson R.I.P.

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