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Saturday, September 09, 2006
The Gamble Part II
Thank you all for your awesome support regarding my "open letter". Originally I wrote it because I was angry and for me the best way of working through my strong emotions is to put fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper. And often when I'm truly worked up about something, my words tend to be pretty powerful.

Monica, Shannon - thanks for your letters. That's very cool, and I'm humbled that you would do that for me. As far as Alabama, I would see them in a heartbeat. I've heard very good things of them over the years and they are definitely a band I would put my money to. Of course, Vancouver's not too "country" of a town, so tours up this way aren't too common. Maybe my next visit 'south'.

I did send it to his agent, but to be honest, I've gotten myself in a bit of hot water with my mother over it all. I broke two rules of hers. One is to speak publicly of her illnesses, and the other is to speak negatively of her one true obsession.

You can see how happy she was to be there though, and I need to remember that while I am disappointed, she had a very good night.

She refuses to accept that his performance was less than stellar, although she did admit finally this morning that she thinks he 'may not have been well'.

I uploaded a video though. Let me know what you think.

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