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Saturday, September 09, 2006
The Tree Man
The phone rang last night. Ms. Thang has returned from her family camping trip. I don't want to say exactly how much I missed her, but well, it might have been a little bit. Maybe more than that.

The little voice said "Annie'll never guess what happened when we came home".

"What, sweetie?", I smiled at the giddy sound of her voice.

"A man moved into our TREE!", she exclaimed. Not knowing what exactly she was talking about, I asked her for details.

"A GNOME Man! He moved into our tree so he can watch over us and make sure we're ok. Alex and me."

Somewhat confused, but having a vague idea, I asked "Like a faerie? Is he a little spirit in the tree?"

Exasperated, she explained to her slow Auntie, "No! Like a GNOME! Faeries have wings and they live OUTSIDE trees. GNOMES are INSIDE!"

Silly me.

My brother emailed me soon after with the pictures of their new guest.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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