Suzy Snapper
Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Between the torrential rainstorms we've been hit with, reminding some people of the Typhoon we saw in 1963, and everything else, it has been a hectic week.

Vancouver is still under a boil-water advisory since the storm last Wednesday. Some friends of mine only got power back today. I was fortunate, only losing power briefly on the actual day of the storm.

Molly is improving. It does seem to be painful for her still, but each day is a minor improvement. She can now walk about 10 ft without sitting down. I should be able to wean her off the morphine by the end of the week.

The big news, however, is my Dad. On Sunday night, I drove him and my mom to my brother's house for dinner. The first time he'd been back there since the night of the heart attack. He has been extremely depressed of late, and it was hard to see him go through his recovery when he was clearly so down.

However, when we walked into that house, a light switch was turned on by two little children. Ms Thang fitted him with his very own tiara, and Little Dude put a beaded gold necklace over his head. No amount of support that we've given him came close to being a match for what those little ones did. Without prompting, I might add.

He smiled brighter than I've seen him in years.

Since then, he's been a different person. He's back. In every way.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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