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Friday, November 10, 2006
Remembrance Day
Tomorrow is November 11, Remembrance Day. A day to reflect and remember those who served for our country and to which we owe so much.

I think, though, as important as it is to remember those who served, we should also take pause for those that are serving right now. Our news media doesn't do nearly enough to remember the heroes that are being forged this very minute.

There is a petition out right now to honour the remaining heroes of WWI. We have 3 remaining veterans - aged between 105 and 106, who lobbyists would like to see a state funeral for. To give them the honour they truly deserve. If you'd like to read about it and add your name, please go here.

A post in honour of Remembrance/Veteran's Day that I thought particularly poignant is here. Please take a second and read it. The young man he speaks of here is such a strong soul and such a hero. It's so important to remember our young veterans as well as our older ones.

It is raining torrentially here again. My commute was nearly double the usual. I really don't understand how people get so flustered by raindrops. We live in a rainforest, for cripes sake! There were no was just simply slow drivers seemingly intimidated by water.

Today is my friend's daughter's funeral. I chose in the end not to go. I sent a card and a donation to her foundation instead. They had asked everyone to wear pink to her service today, but I decided even though I wasn't going, to wear pink anyhow.

Also, today is the funeral for the person who had my job previously to me. He was just 36 and passed away Monday suddenly. I never knew the man, but he was spoken highly of here and of course, I have seen much of his legacy in this office that I now occupy. He left a wife and 6 year old daughter. Very sad.

In happier news, I bought tickets to Christina Aguilera for next March. I was fortunate to get Row 14 and am thrilled. I have been a fan of hers since the beginning. Her voice is, in my opinion, absolutely phenomenal. Even during her less than chaste phase, I always said it was just part of her growing up. That she would eventually get through that and come through as a major talent.

Locally, the news of Denise Richards having a hissy fit at our casino is causing quite a stir. When she threw the photographers' laptop off the balcony, she hit an 81 and a 90 year old lady. While they were not hurt seriously, I still have to wonder why there has been no public apology from the actress. Knowing my parents were pretty much in that exact spot the day before brings it home. Although my Mom's take is that the women that got hit probably won a bigger jackpot than they would have on any slot machine.

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