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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
A Peep
Of course, I wrote.

After my post the other night, I spent another restless night debating and decided that it was getting silly. Yesterday morning, I sent a quick little note basically teasing that I felt that he had the advantage. Here I'd emailed him a newsy little letter about myself after his email and then heard nothing back. I also sent him a picture of us together...something he wouldn't have had - as once again I was always the one with the camera. Big surprise there!

I heard last night. It would have been the first thing he wrote in the morning - 7am his time. Apologizing profusely about not responding yet. So much to say, he said, but no idea where to begin. And it is month end. He's a chartered accountant now. Month End is showtime. I know that well...and had I thought for a minute I would have realized it too, given that it's the same at my job.

"I promise to write more tonight (my time)", he said.

So I wait. Feeling mildly bad about bothering him and not wanting to be a pest to him.

Writing that post the other night stirred up a lot of emotions I thought I'd long buried. The funny thing is, even though his mom never thought much for me, I have never held that against her. I did think highly of her, actually. She was only doing what she thought she should as a mom...protecting her son.

And with that, I wait until the next email. I want badly to believe it's going to be a good one, but at the same time, experience hasn't really given me much confidence in that area.

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