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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
That Weather

Another week, another storm in Vancouver.

It seems that this season has been the worst in recent memory, having at least a dozen significant storms in the last several weeks. Significant enough to cause property damage that is.

I've been fortunate...the worst I've had to show for it is long commutes and a damaged eave from a heavy icicle.

But others not so much. Our BC Place Stadium stands dripping and damaged, as the roof was ripped open by a storm last week. Stanley Park, the jewel of Vancouver, is suffering heavy losses from the wind having felled several thousand trees.
My brother works up in Squamish and he reports his area is resembling a war zone with trees over everywhere. One area has estimated 14,000 (!!) trees down in one square kilometer. He works as a pipe layer so with the storms they have been unable to work as the ground has been too saturated.

A friend on Vancouver Island bought his first new truck ever, having spent years with second hand vehicles and was astonished to find the following day a huge tree had fallen right on top of it.

This afternoon, the wind began to howl at work. Then it caught the glass front door, whipped it back and it very nearly shattered. We had to secure it with a bungee cord.

My commute, normally an hour was nearly two and a half!

Tonight, I sit here watching the intermittent hail storms and the trees whip back and forth in 80km/h winds and wonder what possibly comes next. I believe snow is on the horizon and us Westcoasters just simply don't really do well with that stuff.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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