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Monday, January 15, 2007
The Reunion
I mentioned a few months ago that I joined the committee for our Class of 1987 high school reunion. As with most things that I get my mind into, I have jumped into it with both feet, full force. And I am loving it.

Surprisingly so, actually.

I was part of the group in 1997 that organized the 10 year. It was not an easy task for so many reasons. Part was our lack of experience, part was old wounds that don't quite close over completely and another part was simply that we hadn't quite moved that far away from who we were in high school.

These last 10 years though have been remarkably different. I know that's true for me, and it's proving to be true for the others on this group as well.

We have 5 women on our committee - all passionate, motivated and dedicated. But completely different in personality. Our end goals are the same but how we are getting there is an interesting path to say the least.

In high school, the other girls did socialize together. Two of them would clearly be considered the 'popular' ones in the stereotypical sense. Another would have been our class president but for a lack of a few votes - something that she still feels fairly strongly about. However, I'm the odd one out here. I never knew quite where I fit in back then and often felt out of place in my own skin.

I wasn't one of the popular kids. I didn't drink. I didn't really even know how to socialize that well. The friends I did consider close were more in the academic/music type programs. But even there, I was a fringe player. It took me a long time after high school to realize who I was and become confident.

When I joined this reunion, it filled me with a lot of old feelings I thought were long gone. It's funny how incidents can still have power over you two decades later. But that's part of the lesson to be learned here. I am no longer that girl who was scared of her own shadow.

I created a website for the group and have been overwhelmed by the response. I am more motivated each day as I see people joining, adding new photos and chatting on the message board. However, when I say it motivated me, I say that with a grin. Motivated to the nth degree. I probably spent 25 hours on the website and related reunion business this weekend alone. I had to pull myself away from the computer last night as I searched through our missing list and tried to play detective.

It has just been such a positive experience for me, even with some dredged up past experiences, that I want everyone in the group to have a chance to reconnect and find the same thing I have. That we've grown up pretty well. And while we may have gone off on our separate paths, we still have a lot in common and it feels very good to reintroduce ourselves again.

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