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Friday, January 11, 2008
A New Year to begin

What a month. So many times I wanted to write a follow up to my last post. I had a whole story in mind, with photos and layouts. However, I just couldn't. Now that I'm in a better place, it just seems...not the right time, somehow.

My Uncle passed away December 17, the day after I last blogged. He was peaceful and that was in no small part because of the talk we had. After I left that day, he fell into a coma and he slipped away just before noon on the Monday.

I thought I was ok with it all. However, in retrospect, I wasn't. I was angry, guilty, frustrated and most of all, terribly sad. I wanted so badly to hear his voice again. I wanted to be able to ask questions. I didn't realize at the time how emotional it was to be with someone in their final hours. When other family members would mumble 'huh, that's sad' or other similar condolences, I would get angry as I didn't have the words to tell them how much it affected me. And at the same time, not to make it about me. So I 'turtled'. Went right back into my cave and stopped communicating for a bit. I think over the last year, it's been very strenuous emotionally and I just cracked. Thankfully, that's passed now.

So, onto other things, it's a new year - 2008. A good friend of mine wrote this morning about the new year -

According to numerology everything goes in cycles, if you take the year 2007
and add the digits break it down to one digit, your end number is 9...the end of
a cycle, which for me explains a lot about my 2007. It also lends more
understanding as to why for some of us 2008 truly seems like a new
beginning..broken down it is a "1" the beginning of a new cycle.

All the more reason to lay down some solid foundations this year,
sow some very important seeds and see what this cycle brings. I for one am
pretty excited as my mind is already buzzing and whirling with thoughts and
revolutionary as they say it great to have dreams...but this is the
year to start building the foundations that in the long run will support

I hope so. I have such high hopes for this year.

So far, I have joined a Photo A Day project. You can read about it here. I will begin posting a photo on Flickr. And I intend, once again, to post more here as well. A lot of family history stories, likely. Lately I have been drawn to a lot of historical fiction as well, so that may come into play too.
An interesting blog, for example, that's caught my interest lately is this one. It's the story of a WWI soldier writing home to his family. Not unlike the letters I have in my possession, but unfortunately I don't have enough preservered to keep up a story like the one in that blog.
The photo above was taken by my house just after Christmas. A beautiful area, and I could spend many hours - and have - creating photographs there.
So for those of your reading this, may 2008 be a great year for you.

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