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Monday, February 13, 2006
And while we're at it
There's a couple other stresses going on as well, that unfortunately are weighing heavily on my mind today. I haven't blogged before about them too much, mostly because I am consciously trying to have a positive happy place here.

About a month ago, my sister in law D went in for a pelvic exam. She's 51, and has been having some pain - but as she had previously had a hysterectomy about 10 years ago, didn't really think too much about it. She's been married to my brother for 34 years and has been in my life since the day I was born and is much a sister to me as one born to my family.

The doctor did his exam, and found a mass. It was not small and subsequent tests showed a tumour of at least 8cm in size resting on her left ovary. They believe from all accounts that it should be benign but until they remove it, they can only suggest but not guarantee.

She went in for her surgery this morning. It began about an hour ago and we're not expected to hear for another couple of hours. This weekend has been so frenzied for her, as she dealt not only with her own worries and fears but also made sure her husband and boys were fed for the next week. To be honest, my brother's lack of ability in helping her has not impressed me nor has the lack of initiative of her grown sons, but that's another post in itself. In the meantime, any good vibes or prayers needing a little direction would be much appreciated.

The other situation involves my cousin, R. He has ALS. About a month ago, things became critical when he had to be fitted with a breathing apparatus and feeding tube. It has been heartwrenching to see this vibrant man go from an amazing tennis player and world traveller, to a shell of himself. Even more so, to know that his mind is still strong and that he knows all that is happening while his body folds in on itself.

He has now been in a coma since the middle of last week. On Saturday, his eldest son flew home from Toronto to be with him in his final hours and it would seem that R had been waiting for that. His coma has now deepened, and we are now told it will be hours not days until the end. I only hope that he is put to rest soon and gently. There is no cure, no help and no improvement even possible for him and I know he has lived a good life.

So with that, my mind is definitely wandering today. My heart is heavy, but I am taking solace in the serenity prayer. Accept the things you cannot change.

Update: No word yet on either R or D, but my day just took it down a notch as far as bad news. Guess who just got offered a job in Seattle? Not me, but pretty much the only person here that makes me want to be at work. He just got offered a very sweet position - with a promotion. I finally find someone locally here who makes me happy, and now he's moving away. Yeah, just my freakin' luck.

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