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Monday, February 13, 2006
Round 1
For those that are walking with me today in spirit, I thank you.

Round 1 complete. I had the first go-round with my boss and told him I felt that I was beyond overwhelmed, and that things were not going in a way that was beneficial to either myself or him.

I offered my resignation.

He declined it. He gave me a big speech on how he thought I was a valuable member of the team, and that he knows this has been a trial by fire. That it was almost expected as a rite of passage in this company to hit the wall with stress before coming past it and being part of the group.

I told him there were much better ways to do it, and that I was not appreciative of the situation. That I was seeing too much money and time being spent on non-value added activities, and as someone who has to answer to that, I was not impressed.

He has promised to get help for me. He has also promised to communicate better and try and follow through with what he requests.

So we are at a stalemate. I have told him I will give the situation a chance, and we will have a cooling off period.

Meanwhile, why did I wear mascara today of all days?

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