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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Trying something new
I'm not a high maintenance kinda gal. Just the opposite, really. I was the kind of child that if you gave me a sock to play with, I would have been content for hours.

However, there is one thing I do draw the line at. Camping. Roughing it. My definition for the past 15 years was 'roughing it' meant the hotel didn't have Pay Per View.

Camping, in my experience, has meant frozen nights and digging trenches to keep the rain out of the tent. Or eating raw-ish food that never cooked properly on a half lit Coleman stove. While I'm not a drinker by nature, any time I found myself camping, I found it was the only way to get through the time.

But times change, right? And you should never say never.

My brother and his family have now convinced me to go camping wth them this weekend to a beautiful area of our province named Princeton. It should be over 100°F and is nestled at the junction of two rivers amidst high ranging canyons.

It will be my brother, his wife, my niece and her husband, my parents and the two little ones. I don't think we've ever been able to all travel at once - ever, so that alone is an event to behold. Given my parents advancing age, I would say it will also be a memory to be cherished forever.

What convinced me, over and above the sentimentality? The chance to do a real adventurous photo shoot of some of the quaint and not-so-quaint ghost towns along the way. The whole area is littered with relics and memories of a time when the area was full of gold fever. My brother and his friend have found some lesser known places as well, not marked on maps that are apparently breath taking. Check out some of the areas on Ghost Towns.

And there's horseback riding. I haven't been on a horse since 1996. And yes, in my true fashion, I fell off. Or was treed. Depending on the angle you were at. Of course, I did it with grace - not losing my hat while my best friend held up 9 fingers in judgement.

So this weekend, after celebrating Canada Day in the morning with a local community parade, I will traipse into the interior to spend two nights sleeping on the ground. With my family. Priceless.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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