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Friday, April 14, 2006
Not slow yet
I'm hoping to catch up tonight, but as usual, things are hectic. Came back into a couple of firestorms, and am just thankful that the weekend events were wonderful enough to give me some strength to face a few challenges.

My Aunt has fallen ill and is in hospital. We don't know the extent of the issue yet, but she is showing signs of a stroke. Paralysis, mental confusion, pain. My Mom got the call two nights ago just after midnight from the Lifeline center saying they were not able to rouse her after she pushed her emergency button. My parents arrived to find her collapsed and barely breathing. She is now undergoing a battery of tests and we have yet to understand exactly what is happening. Sadly, my aging aunt suffers from depression. Losing her husband, her only child, her dog and just last week her best friend have all taken their toll on her. My mom and I are her only close relations as most, because of her sadness, have chosen to keep a distance. It is definitely a hard road, and not at all pleasant, but I can only hope that if I find myself in the winter of my life, that I will have family that doesn't walk away because I'm difficult.

Other news...while I was ok with being friends with the Dude, it has become obvious he was not. Just before the wedding, he ambushed me in a restaurant with some very nasty things to say. Accusing me of jeopardizing his career, although I seem to remember it was he who stayed at my place and he the one who always initiated plans. I was hurt and angry that he would take things to such a level, but am holding my head high and hoping that by biting my tongue and remembering my dignity that things will calm. However, it made one thing very easy. I will be definitely leaving the job at the end of the month. My contract ends and there had been negotiations on me staying, but for this and my general uneasiness of the job in general, it has made my choice easy. So, now that means I've been furiously peppering my resume out everywhere I can. I only hope that I won't be out of work too long.

My knee has begun giving me a little bit of trouble. I think that it's simply a little bit of doing too much too soon, so I'm throttling back and returning to physiotherapy.

Now back up to the hospital, and hopefully some more downtime later.

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