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Friday, April 21, 2006
Ever feel like this?
The funny thing of this past week is that even though looking back, it would seem rather stressful, hectic and crazy, I don't remember ever feeling more confident that good things are right around the corner!

My job is officially over, or will be April 28. I was given notice last Tuesday that there would be no forthcoming positions for me at this time. It felt like the largest boulder was ripped off my shoulders and I am 50 lbs. lighter.

I began putting out my resumes last weekend, as it was. Even though I had no idea whether or not they were going to offer me a position, I knew my time was done. The last year has been incredibly challenging and a great learning experience, but sitting in someone else's shoes for a year is hard. Even putting aside the recent drama, I was hired on contract for a one-year maternity leave cover. The lady I was replacing was a big part of the organization and not a day went by that I didn't hear 'That's not how XXX did it' or see her name everywhere. Imagine being the new kid on the block for an entire year with a few dozen people reminding you every chance you got. But, as I told myself, this was her position and her life - I was only minding it and if I was away for a year, I would hope someone would do the same for me.

Even still, wanting a place that is my own and goals that are for me has become something I am looking forward to. Without roots and stability, I have found myself treading water for over twelve months now and I am tired. I need to find my place again, so I can get back to what I love. Reading, writing and of course, keeping up with friends.

So, imagine my surprise when the dozen resumes I sent out resulted in 8 interviews this week! Apparently the job market is hopping, and my work with two very well-respected companies has opened some big doors. I have now completed the first go-round and have had two call backs so far. Fingers crossed, but one seems extraordinarily promising - although I refuse to get my heart set on it. What is meant to be will be.

It just feels so good to be moving on. I have been smiling all week, even though I've been busier than ever trying to fit in interviews, full-time work, visiting my aunt in the hospital, photography class and physiotherapy. Tonight, I should have met up with another friend but am collapsing for a night.

The people I've met through this job have been wonderful, both internal and external. I've had many great comments and appreciation given to me this week once the news was official. They are also throwing me a leaving lunch this week - above and beyond, in my opinion. Once I'm finished, I am hoping to have a little bit of downtime - however, I will let things play out as they will. If an opportunity exists that doesn't allow that, so be it.

Even The Dude has made some attempts at civility. Unfortunately, while I am an ultimately forgiving person there are certain trespasses I cannot let go. One involves breach of trust, and that has occurred. It is sad though, and I do miss his company but I must hold dear to my ethics. I have been more than civil in return but only during company hours.

Tomorrow, I will be attending a shower for a wonderful friend from my previous company who will soon be blessed with her first little one, a girl. It reminds me that a job does not dictate a friendship, and leaving one does not mean leaving friends. Only providing an opportunity to strengthen those friendships outside the office.

Sunday is a photography field trip to a local park. The blossoms are out and it's going to be a beautiful weekend.

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