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Friday, September 15, 2006
Climbing Out
Thanks, guys, for the support. It was a bad day yesterday for more reasons than I can even go into. The most painful one I wrote yesterday, and another one is festering but I can't go into that right now. Having said that though, I have to recount something very special that happened yesterday.

Having been feeling the depths of despair, and lower than I have in a great while, it is foreign to me. Normally, I'm pretty upbeat and take hits fairly well. Seems my shell is a bit fragile these days though.

My niece called last night. She reminded me that no matter what I do, whatever I say, whereever I am, whatever I am, she is there for me. It made me tear up to think that this little girl that I held in my arms as a newborn baby in 1982 had grown up to be such a good friend too.

At her wedding, I tearfully toasted my brother and thanked him for 'growing me a friend'. I meant it then, and I mean it now.

We have our tiffs and I know there are days when I want to wring her young neck. I look at her sometimes and wonder where she came from, as often she has a great habit of saying whatever comes to her mind - and not all in a positive way.

As she was growing up, I missed a great deal of her life. My boyfriend of the time was not accepted by my family and I, in my immaturity, chose him over my family. A mistake I will not make again.

When she was in her rebellious teens, it was me she came to. Me who consoled her teenage heartache, and soothed her as she went through those tumultuous years.

When she married 4 years ago, I was so proud of her and happy to see her walk down the aisle. I worked tirelessly to help with that wedding. I brought in a dress for her little one that by the time it had come through Customs and Shipping cost me the better part of $200.

Somewhere along the line our closeness blossomed from relatives to friends. As a child I would often wish that I'd had a sister. I had 4 older brothers but that wasn't the same. But now, I realize that I do have one, thanks to my brother.

Last night, she said softly to me 'No matter what, you always have me. Don't forget that.'

She may be a decade younger than me, but last night, I knew that no matter how things pan out over the next little while, I have her in my corner and I'm not alone.

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