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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Nana's Lipstick and other meanderings

When did she grow up? Ms. Thang has turned into quite the little poser these days. While I prefer the candid shots, I must admit there are a few times that a posed shot makes me smile. The other night, she joined us for dinner at my parents place and immediately when to my Mom's makeup cabinet. Before the blink of an eye, she had the REDDEST lipstick smeared all over her lips.

Right after, we taught her the word 'blotting'. This little girl loves her makeup though! Unfortunately, she's somewhat creative right now. On the weekend, she drew her eyebrows in with ballpoint pen!

Yesterday, she began preschool. While sometimes life seems to go slow, I often sit back in awe as to how quickly she goes through life. Wasn't her own mother that age just yesterday?

In my attempts to work on action shots, she was a willing partipant throwing herself off the couch with each chance she got. She must have jumped off 25 times before finally exhaling 'But I'm tiii-eeerd now....'

Today is a bittersweet day in our family, which bears mentioning. My aunt lost her 3 month old daughter today in 1958. Jill and my brother were born a day apart. Sisters having their babies together. They had other children, but these two were born so close together.

When Jill was just 3 months, she developed a cold. On the night of her parents anniversary, she simply didn't wake up after napping. They rushed her to the nearest hospital, which in those days was about 45 minutes away. It was too late. However, she lives on in our memories.

My mind is wandering today. I have a busy weekend coming up with a couple photoshoots planned and a meeting with the planning committee for my 20th high school reunion. It's definitely been a busy few weeks, and no sign of slowing down yet!

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