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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
New Experiences
When I get into a funk, it's usually time to mix things up a bit. I'm still sorting through some drama, but instead of letting it get to me, I am working very hard to stay positive.

So, this means new experiences.

I've decided to start taking courses in scrapbooking with my niece and best friend. My niece and I will be going for a course next Monday night on family journalling. One of the projects floating around in my head is to do a lifestory of my parents and family, starting from pictures of my parents when they were children. When they had their 50th anniversary in 2002, I did a slideshow video, which went over well, but not something you can physically hold.

Then on the 7th and 15th, my best friend and I will go to a couple of courses on general techniques. She is one of the most creative people I know so I'm very enthusiastic about seeing what she comes up with as well.

I took Friday off as well to celebrate properly. I made a little vow to myself that, if possible at all, not to ever work on my birthday again. So I will spend the day as leisurely as possible, have lunch with friends from my old work and arrive in the evening at my Mom's for a family dinner. That, in itself, is a gift as my Mom can't manage big dinners anymore. She realized though, that more than material presents, I was more wishing for memories. She's pretty perceptive that way.

This weekend will be my first paid photography assignment. It's the Class of 86 reunion of my high school. I am fighting the demons right now about my skill though...I see so many fantastic photographers out there and wonder what makes me think that I can actually do this better than they do. I know it's my own insecurities talking though, so I'm doing my best to ignore them.

The following weekend is a first anniversary party for a couple of friends of mine who were married last year in Mexico. I had hoped to do something extravagant and get a special cake in the shape of a sombero, but so far have not heard back from my queries to a local specialized cakery. So instead, I'm looking into a Plan B of a homemade tiramisu cake. I absolutely love baking but never seem to find the time. So maybe this is that opportunity.

My other niece and I are in the planning stages of a trip to New York. Not sure when, but it's something both of us have wanted to do. For me, ever since my trip in '99, I've wanted to return. For her, she just wants to stalk Jon Stewart. ;-) I have enough points for both of us to fly and stay in Midtown for 4 nights. In 2000, she and I went to Australia but it did not go well. She was a moody teenager and I was too nervous of letting her out of my sight. No bloody way was I agreeing to her going to a RAVE in Sydney on my watch! But it's been 6 years...we've both changed. I will agree to pay for the trip, but she must do the planning and buy me a ticket to a Broadway show. I believe that's a fair exchange, don't you?

And next week, a friend of mine is trying to convince me to join her on a speed dating event. Very intimidating but why not?

In any case, it's been a good change of focus. I still have some lingering drama, without a doubt, but there's always time for that later.

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