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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Start Spreadin' The News
It would seem that our little plan of going to New York might actually have some validity to it. I've been online all night researching and it would seem that things might actually fall into place.

I can't believe how much this has lifted my spirits. I have been feeling that need for a vacation for such a long time! My niece is also doing her research on the spots she'd like to see. We're hoping, if all goes well, to go in mid to late November.

Sure, it'll be cold, but we can bundle up. We're good Canadian girls, right?

Although I did go to Vegas in February and had a great time meeting Teresa and seeing my other friends, the trip itself was more than a bit challenging. I was only a few days from surgery at that point and in retrospect, had no business travelling by myself in such a disabled state. Coming back was likely the worst experience in all my travels and one that still catches me up in the throat when I think of it. I very nearly missed my plane because of my inability to walk. By the time I got on the plane they were closing the door and I was glared at by dozens of passengers who seemed to think I somehow intended to be late for the flight, rather than having to have been trying to go from one end of the airport to the other with a cane and a knee that was giving out every two or three steps. When I got on the plane, I thought to myself that it would be a very long time before I attempted airline travel again.

But wanderlust is again in my blood, and I need to get away.

Just the mere thought of going to New York and seeing all those places I loved back in '99 and a few new ones puts a big smile on my face. Let's just hope the rest of the plans fall into place.

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