Suzy Snapper
Thursday, October 12, 2006
My Dad had his angiogram today. It was not good news. He will need an emergency bypass very soon.

My Mom's health is starting to worsen. Her emphysema and this stress has not been good. I've had to get her on oxygen these last couple days, something that we don't usually require until she has a cold or something.

We have a lot of decisions to make. I am on compassionate leave this week from work but I'm still so new there (5 months), I can't expect that to continue for much longer. So I am contemplating quitting. I don't know if that's drastic because I'm being overly emotional or not though. Have to take a deep breath on that one and try and think it through.

We're off to the hospital now to meet with the cardiologist. Wish us luck, please? I'm hoping things just sound bad right now and when we see this specialist, it will all sound a lot better.

I'm not usually so emotional, but today, I just can't stop the waterworks.

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