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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Continuing On
It's funny...I usually find writing as a great way to relieve stress and tension but right now the words just don't want to come.

It's been another challenging 24 hours. My Dad was moved to another hospital yesterday when test showed he had a 'significant' event. It is the best Cardiac CCU in the area, which is the good thing. The bad? It is a VERY rough area of town and I have seen more, shall we say, less fortunate souls in the last 24 hours than I care to remember. It's also a 40 minute drive from here so that makes it a bit difficult.

My Dad is conscious but confused. He doesn't seem to have a great idea of where he is. Not all the time, but seems to go through these spurts. His heart rate is very elevated, and even the simple exertion of sitting up is too much right now.

My Mom is very shaky. Even without her health problems, this would be hard on her but having those make it worse. I have felt like I'm mothering her.."Have you taken your medicine?", "Have you eaten?" 55 years married, it is not easy for her to be apart from him.

The nurses are excellent. They have been kind and considerate, explaining as much as they know. All they know right now is that he has definitely had a severe heart attack. More tests will show how severe, and he will be scheduled for an angiogram this week. Bad choice of words though. The nurse was explaining the angiogram and said 'We'll see where the blockages are and if we can, we will open him up right there'. My Mom just paled at that.

My, what can I say? They are pulling together. All 4 of my brothers have been in touch and my youngest brother will go see my Dad today. That's a big deal..they haven't seen each other in 2 years. Both are stubborn men, actually very alike to each other and had a falling out. Maybe this is the scare they've needed.

I have to go to work. It's not what I want to do, but I don't see an option. I am covering for another girl who's away. And I'm still too new. I'm hoping when I talk to them this morning they will be lenient.

Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. It is much appreciated.

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