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Thursday, September 21, 2006
Fingers Crossed

With luck and a little creative financing, I'm hoping this baby will be mine tomorrow.

The D80, for those not following the market, was just released last week. It has a 10.2MP CCD sensor and about a bazillion more features than my D50.

My D50 has done me proud. It has allowed me to learn photography to a level I had no idea of just a year ago. But unfortunately, I have outgrown it. I have ideas and knowledge now that make the D50 become more and more frustrating as I learn what else I could do if given the opportunity. Not to mention, during that flight to Vegas in February, it got damaged in my packed luggage. It's still very good, and the damage did not affect the photo taking at all, but it is visible when one looks through the view finder.

Can I afford it? Probably not. I should really wait but at the same time, I want to spoil myself too. Besides, it's my day and I want to do something special.

On another note, Ms. Thang has turned into quite the Diva Princess of late. It's funny to see her come into her self of late and take notice of her own style. I often wonder where she gets it from, given that the women in her life are not overly concerned with physical appearance.

As a treat on the weekend, her mom allowed her to have temporary streaks put in her hair at the salon. Little Miss sat proudly in the chair, with the hairdresser putting foils in her hair with the patience of a saint. She has not stopped touching her hair since.

Personally, I was a bit horrified at first. Why dye those BEAUTIFUL blonde tresses at such a young age? And if I'm honest, I don't actually care for the look. Not sure I've gotten old and crotchety these days, but it seemed a little over the top.

But at the same time, it's not permanent and it was her Mom's decision. And no matter what, I'm still fiercely protective of her and a negative comment about it from a friend of mine just about brought out my inner MommaBear. I guess it's just one of those 'Here we go' moments - they grow up so fast!

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