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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
I've seen this on other sites the last couple of days and thought it was something a little fun to do.

40 yrs ago - Not around yet.

35 yrs ago - 2 years old, and beginning to have minor memory imprints that would last a lifetime (crying in my crib, for example). My eldest brother got engaged that year too.

30 yrs ago - Started kindergarten and we took a road trip to Disneyland (my younger two brothers and I, with parents of course). I saw a tarantula in my cousin's front yard, beginning my spiral into arachnaphobia. Back then in Disneyland, they had those skycars that went through the Materhorn to the other side of the park and I can remember my brother getting in trouble for spitting on the people below.

25 yrs ago - Grade 6. My first niece was born. I was an Aunt for the second time. We put in our 'in-the-ground' pool, allowing me to become one of the most visited girls in my class.

20 yrs ago - Expo '86. The World came to Vancouver and my brother met Princess Di and The Pope. I met my first true love, who would be in my life for 10 years. That year, I thought my life was exactly as it was supposed to be. I expected fully to be married in the next couple years, as I graduated high school and planned to be a stay-at-home mom.

15 yrs ago - Status quo. Still with the expected 'one'. I became an aunt to my newest niece for the 8th and last time. I was just about to start my 'dream job' working at the police station. It would later prove to be the worst job ever (organizing autopsy photos?) but at that moment, I was thrilled with the prospect.

10 yrs ago - Was busily planning my wedding, when I found out that he had left the relationship long before. His extracurriculars had become less extra, and more intra. This was a hard, difficult time for me but ended up being the best thing that could have happened. I awoke and realized that I wanted different things out of life than I ever could have gotten had I continued on that path. This was also the year that I had major reconstructive surgery on my wrist. I underwent 6 months of intensive therapy to retrain myself on all the normal daily tasks (tying shoes, buttons, etc.). It left me with an 8" scar on my wrist/underarm, no feeling in my little finger and a better understanding of what disabled people face.

5 yrs ago - Found out that I had infertility issues the same time my niece found out she was pregnant with her first baby. Broke up with someone I deeply cared for, but realized we just couldn't make it work. I made a conscious decision to remain single for the rest of my life that year.

2 yrs ago - A chance meeting in Hawaii put me on a path of greater understanding of what military personnel go through and allowed me to meet people who became good friends. Began the journey of a military girlfriend. The chance meeting? Well, I learned that not everyone is as truthful as I try to be in my life, but in that, there was still much to be proud of. This was also the year that my niece had her second baby, a son.

1 yr ago - Working at a contract job and meeting a great group of people, who allowed me to break out of my shell and be a little less introverted. It gave me a big boost of confidence for which I will be forever grateful.

1 month ago - We were at my Dad's bedside as he recovered from a quintuple bypass. Again, a life changing experience that I'm still working through the ramifications of.

Yesterday - Working on the website for my 20th Class Reunion, and bringing up a lot of memories. Most good, though, surprisingly. I am struck by the amount of inspiring life stories of those I graduated with. I also spent yesterday talking to someone special, who I hope to be able to talk about here shortly.

Tomorrow - my niece is coming over with her little ones to work on Christmas decorations and go shopping. I almost told her not to when I realized it meant missing some good TV, but well, that's what we have PVR's for, right?

I'd love to hear some of yours. Leave a note in the comments if you decide to play.

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