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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Bear with me
I am trying to get this new blog set up, with a new skin and with my old posts from the previous site moved over. It's not going as easily as I had hoped so it will take a few days.

Bear with next week, I hope to be fully back in action.

Recently, I've begun collecting old magazines from the 1930's and 40's. Mostly Reader's Digests, they offer a unique insight into society and thoughts in those days. Some are disturbingly similar to the problems we face today, but some are so antiquated, it's laughable.

From the May 1938 edition of Reader's Digest:

The January Reader's Digest quoted a statement that the air traveler should fill his fountain pen only half full, to avoid expansion and leakage of ink at at higher altitudes. Various authorities promptly pointed out that leakage is cuased not by expansion of the ink, but by expansion of the air in the pen which forces the ink out. They therefor advise plane passengers to fill the pen full, empty it entirely, or better yet, 'to leave it at home'.

Nowadays, pens are the least we have to worry about!

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