Suzy Snapper
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Slipping my toe in the water
Is this thing on?

Slowly checking the temperature of the water. Yup, it feels ok.....

Welcome to my new world. A new year, and a new start. I have been feeling my old blog was getting bogged down with a few dark threads. People I didn't feel comfortable knowing about it, did and recently used an innocent comment to hurt someone I love.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Just before that, an ex-boyfriend found my site and also found it great fodder for teasing me. It definitely had an uncomfortable feel.

I love blogging. I have met some absolutely wonderful people and truly enjoy the environment, but at the same time, I need to feel confident about it. Lately, I have been censoring myself more and more. It was subtle at first, but became tighter and tighter until I no longer was enjoying myself.

So, welcome, my friends. I hope you'll enjoy my fresh start.

Vancouver, British Columbia
A patriotic Canadian full of visions of a better Canada, random thoughts and a lot of hot air. Who am I? A struggling writer and photographer trapped in a corporate buyer's body. Steel shopping by day, and freeflowing prose by night. One day I hope to have the nights become my days, but am intimidated by the sheer amount of people who share my dream. So I read. A lot. I learn. A lot. I push myself. A lot. The world is a small place, and getting smaller every day. I'm proud to have friends in every corner of the earth, and abide by the old adage that there are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.
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