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Friday, March 10, 2006
The Good and The Bad
I feel like I'm starting to emerge from the dark tunnel of the past couple weeks. It definitely has been a lot more challenging than I expected, and has left a few marks. Some will rectify themselves, some will not.

The knee is feeling a lot better. I have started riding an exercise bike and can do so for 20 minutes, which is an incredible accomplishment. And yesterday, I walked for a full hour inside the mall just to test things out. It it still swollen and a little painful, but I can walk without a limp if I concentrate.

The cold has morphed into a deep seal bark. Expected, considering most of my colds settle in my chest. It's improving daily though.

Do I have a job? I don't know right now. My boss has been less than forthcoming. I have not heard a peep from him since I told him I would be away. I was supposed to be off until March 15 but have decided to go back on Monday. Two days early. However, my contingency plans are in place. I have begun researching job opportunities, reconnecting with my contacts and am actively looking for a new job. It may not be immediate but if I go in Monday, and find it not to my liking, I am now ready to leave.

Unfortunately, there has been a casualty though. It would seem The Dude was not up to the task of being there for me when I needed it. He started out sweet enough, but then midway through, developed an A-hole complex. Ripping me apart for not resting enough - even though he wasn't willing to help. While I don't mind the odd chiding, it quickly progressed to downright rudeness. In a typical turtle fashion, he began starting his sentences with 'Well, I'm not a nice guy, you know...'

It's fairly evident to me that he's trying to pull back. Whether it's me or him, I don't need that and have decided it's not worth it. I miss his friendship but he's not willing to put it out there, and I'm not going to grovel for it either.

Last night was the final straw for me. We had planned for him to come over and help me with a couple things I was unable to do, then go for dinner. I received a call late afternoon that he had decided to go out with another mutual friend of ours. I don't appreciate that kind of thing, and I let him know. I'm past this whole gameplaying stuff. Either you can treat me respectfully, or you don't need to be in my life.

And on that note, it's off to physiotherapy for me!

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