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Friday, June 30, 2006
Canada Day 2006
As I prepare for Canada Day weekend (or as the L'il Ms Thang says 'Canaday'), I am planning to take a lot of time to reflect what a fantastic country I live in.

This morning, the Globe and Mail reports on some of the vicious and disgusting thought patterns of the Toronto terror suspects. It makes my patriotic side get about as protective as a mother bear with her cub. This is my country - my home. And I am damned proud of that.

Yesterday, I spoke to a coworker who was originally from Colombia. At the age of 38, realizing that her then-preteen son would be conscripted to fight the guerillas decided to emigrate here. She arrived with her husband and her two children, with very little English and leaving behind her beloved mother and family. All to ensure that her son had the opportunity to chose to live his life the way he wanted. 4 years later, she can speak English and has forged a life for herself and her family but feels terribly homesick. Like a fish out of water. But as she told me her story, one thing was clear. She was proud to be able to give the chance to her family that she would not have had and the safety and security not even possible in her home. She was proud to be Canadian. And as a Canadian, I'm proud she chose my country.

Tomorrow, I will get up bright and early. I will dress in red and white and drape the flag on my door. I'll get in the car and drive 30 minutes each way to pick up Ms. Thang and bring her back to my place, where a parade starts at 10am.

This is Ms. Thang's first Canada Day parade and at 4-1/2, she's at a perfect age. She is already very excited about 'Canaday' and how 'Auntie Sue says I need to wear red and white cuz I'm Canadan'.

I'm proud every day but tomorrow, I get to wear it on my sleeve.

Now for something a little different, borrowed from Devon:

Four jobs I’ve had:
--sorting autopsy photos at the police station
--dive store bookkeeper
--construction assistant for a major retailer
--pharmaceutical r & d buyer

Four Movies I can watch over and over:
--Forrest Gump
--Lord of The Rings trilogy
--Gone With The Wind
--Anything Jon Cusack

Four Places I’ve lived:
--Richmond, BC
--Vancouver, BC

(Only ever lived in two places)

Four TV shows I love:
--Grey's Anatomy
--Law & Order: SVU
--Ghost Whisperer

Four Highly Recommended Shows I Haven’t Seen Much of:
--Rescue Me
--CSI: Miami

Four Places I’ve Vacationed:
--South Africa
--Washington, DC
--Cairns, New South Wales, Australia
--Cambridge, England

Four of my favorite dishes:
--'smushed' chicken (breaded/malletted chicken with a lemon sauce)
--steak with blue cheese

Four Sites I visit daily:
--Hollywood North Report

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now:
--Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
--My backyard

If you want to play, great. Drop me a comment and let me read your Favourite Four!

Vancouver, British Columbia
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