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Friday, October 13, 2006
Yesterday was very very long. We were told he would be returned to the hospital from the other hospital at 5:30. I picked up my Mom at 4:15, but we still hit horrendous traffic and didn't arrive at the hospital until nearly 6.

I guess it's thankful, then, that there were no ambulances to bring him back so we hadn't missed him. Unfortunately though, that trend continued and the poor, tired, hungry man didn't arrive until 9:30.

Of course by that time, there were no doctors to talk to but again, the nurses came through. The news is not good, but repairable. He will need a quadruple bypass in the coming days. Two arteries are at 100% and two are at 70%. It is truly a miracle that he survived at all.

Last night, he was good. Absolutely exhausted and scared, but his regular self. It helped greatly.
I also had a talk with my brother. I told him I was considering quitting and he told me I was definitely thinking too drastically. 'You have brothers, Sue', he said, 'Let us do something too.'. So while I've been taking a big load this week, a lot of it apparently has been self-directed.

I will take today again - thank god for Red Bull. Tomorrow, I am trying to make plans for lunch with a friend to take a breather in neutral territory. And will return to work on Monday. Just taking one step at a's all a lot to take in.

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