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Friday, February 09, 2007
Be Back Soon
I didn't mean to cause such a kafuffle with my quietness this week, but thank you all for the kind words.

The virus has morphed into a sinus/throat infection. Unfortunately that has meant wicked migraines the like I've almost forgotten were possible. I was out of Imitrex so had been trying to manage it with Tylenol #3 and that's not been very successful. Doesn't help much either that I have been pulling overtime all week covering for a coworker who fell snowboarding.

Tonight, I'm feeling somewhat improved - at least enough to be near the light of the computer anyhow.

My niece was good though. After my little meltdown last weekend, she came over one night this week and made me dinner. Such a sweet gesture from a girl who seldom thinks outside of her own little realm. Could she actually be growing up? We talked about our impending trip to Washington and New York. It's coming up so quickly, and I am just hoping the weather starts to warm up soon on that side of the continent.

Now the other story. My experience has taught me, rather painfully, not to expect things to have neat, perfect little endings. That's not to say I don't believe in fate, destiny or storybook endings. However, the reason those situations make good stories is because they're few and far between. Life seldom works the way you envision it. Still, I would be lying if I said I was letting it go. Far from it, actually. Simply trying to be realistic.

I have thought so much about our situation, and him. Of the good times and the bad. The ball is in his court right now. I haven't heard back from him since last weekend so time will tell.

Would I go there for a visit? In a heartbeat. Could I? Sadly no. Finances are not what they used to be. I am hanging onto the possibility of him travelling here again. He's in a better situation to do so, considering his business relates directly to the line of work I'm in. A business trip is certainly not out of the question.

A funny thing though. The other morning driving to work, I looked down at my hand and realized my ring was gone. Our ring. After all this recent revival and nearly a decade, it appeared I'd lost it. I was surprised at how hard I took it, even feeling a lump in my throat as my heart raced at the thought of it being gone. With all that had transpired, why did I lose it NOW? When I got home, I went upstairs and found it lying in my bed. It's not loose enough to fall off, so I must have removed it during my sleep. If that doesn't speak to how much this is affecting me, I don't know what does.

I am not giving up though. Just switching gears a bit. Call it a defense mechanism, or call it jaded. I just need to be a little careful here...those scars on my heart are still scabbed over and the bruising still evident.

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