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Monday, February 19, 2007
Time Flying..

with a little bit of Murphy's Law mixed in.

Combining the apres-virus with trip preparations and a few home renovations has made for a very busy few days. Not to mention the reunion planning and a few photography developments as well.

The good news is the floor is tiled. I got a great deal on some porcelain tiles and my brother and his son-in-law did the work. Tomorrow the grout will go in and the toilet will go back in place. YAY! Right now, a toilet in the bathtub causes all sorts of annoyance.

Where does Murphy's Law factor in? Well, my pup...not such a pup anymore at 7-1/2 but she will always be to me. She has hip displaysia. It doesn't cause too many problems as long as I keep her medication up, but she does have some nerve damage in her hind end. This translates to bladder infections, as she is unable to feel the 'urge' and cannot control herself at times. From time to time, the infection builds up when she hasn't been able to fully relieve herself. This would be the week that it happened again. So this weekend, I have been on the floor on my hands and knees scrubbing with Lysol. Each and every square inch, only to look up and see yet another line of drips. She can't help it, and I know she's in discomfort so all I can do is get back down and scrub again. Most of my house is hardwood with the exception of my bedroom. During the night, she had a major accident and it looked for a bit like I would have to replace the carpet. When pennies are as tight as they are now, it was enough to make me feel very stressed.

We were intending to have the weekly family dinner at my house, but with the dog being the way she is and a decidedly pungent smell that still lingers, it was moved back to my brothers. The thought of the two kids, 7 adults and a sick dog was a little too overwhelming. That left me again feeling very guilty, as I wanted to do the dinner myself for once.

Trip planning is going very well, and with the exception of the cold weather on the east coast, I can't wait for this holiday. Sorely needed after a couple or three fairly stressful years!

And with that I now must get back to work. Will try to update more frequently.

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