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Friday, January 13, 2006

I restarted my quest this week in searching my Grandad's World War I records. Recently, when cleaning out some old files, I found some notes made during a conversation with my Uncle - my Mom's eldest brother.

In it, he named not only the branches of service my Grandad was with, but even a squadron number. I had long forgotten that conversation, and must have been no more than 17 when it occured. Long before internet, and at the time, I had few means of research available to me.

Of course, now there are loads of information and this week I've been tracing what I could and finding out a very interesting pattern. Looks like Grandad was in Gallipoli and Ypres. Playing with the timelines a bit, it looks like his war injury from a bayonet likely occured in the 3rd battle of Ypres.

In with all these notes, though, was a true gem. An old picture taken off a ship - which simply states 'Searchlight display - Mediterannean. 1917.'

He was with the Royal Irish Fusiliers and later, the Royal Flying Corp. Imagine flying in those days - when flight was still in it's infancy!

It has reignited my interest in research to say the least.

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