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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
All Hallow's Eve

A little picture from a few years ago. Ms Thang was a little unsure of her new friend!

Thanks again for the well wishes. I seem to be emerging from the other side of things. I basically became a hermit for the last few days, only leaving home on Saturday night to spend a few hours with some good friends. It helped a lot, and I needed that downtime.

Of course, that means now all the anti-stress is taking it's toll now. I look like a pubescent teenager as my skin has decided to do it's impression of Mt. Vesuvius. I am not a big makeup wearer at the best of times, but the stuff is caked on the last couple days. And for fun, I'm also dealing with a little Crohn's moment and migraines. All usual signs that I'm under stress, but I don't know when I've had all three at once. Makes for some very interesting drives.

Tonight is Hallowe'en. I love sitting out front of my house handing out candies to the kids. Usually, I grab a lawn chair and just stay out front chatting. It's a great community feeling, but tonight we will see. It depends on how quickly I can get home (after having to drop my car at the shop for repairs) and how festive I'm feeling when I get there.

Also, it is Samhain. Being the belief gypsy that I am, I like to spend some quiet reflective time thinking of friends and family who've departed this world during the past year. We've been fortunate this year and not too many have left us. My cousin passed in February, and he's left a big void in our lives but we know he no longer suffers in a body broken by ALS. My Mom's best friend left us in August. She'd had cancer and it was a blessing when she was finally released from her pain. And of course, recently, my neighbour. She also had cancer, and fought valiantly until the end when she slipped away gracefully and in the most peaceful way we could have hoped for - with her husband's arms around her. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Bailey, my brother's pup who passed away in February. She was a beautiful spirit and she, too, is missed every day. Instead of being sad about these losses, I see them as a way to remember and celebrate having them in my life for the time I was fortunate to know them.

And with that, it's time to get back to work here.

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