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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Plunking Along
I visited with my insurance company yesterday and was surprised to hear the damage was approximately $1500 to my car. Thankfully, it has been deemed 100% the other person's fault. While I had no doubt in my mind, it was still not up to me to decide that. Unfortunately, the lady that managed to create this whole mess is not happy with me. She didn't want me to make a claim on insurance and to go privately. However, considering the cost of the repairs and the need for me to have a rental vehicle, it was not an option. Let's just hope that after they explained that to her, she will now stop calling and leaving nasty messages on my answering machine. Like I need THAT stress!! After the call this morning though, I told her quite bluntly that I will be speaking to the police if she continues. Let's hope she got the message.

It's all good though. Initials aches and bruises dissipated and there was no lasting physical injury. My Mom's nerves are shot so she's having nightmares of being in car accidents though. Hopefully that will also go soon.

Now, my Dad. Another day, another complication. The infection in his chest wall is not subsiding yet so more potent antibiotics were ordered. He is now experiencing shortness of breath. We are told this is a 'normal' complication. Typically, he would have been out of the hospital today but with these delays, it now looks like the weekend before we'll see him home.

There are also a couple beds on the floor he's on that contracted the Superbug. They are taking precautions to ensure the outbreak doesn't spread but we are very aware of the fact that, while he needs to be in a hospital, it will be much better for healing when he's out.

I returned to work yesterday. It's tough to be here but I know getting back into some sort of routine is important for everyone's sanity.

With that, I'll end with a picture from the weekend. Apparently, Ms. Thang didn't take too kindly to a little kiss from her brother!

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