Suzy Snapper
Monday, October 16, 2006
Thanks yet again for all your good wishes, prayers and support. It would seem things have turned a corner.

My Dad had quintuple bypass surgery this morning. Once the surgeon was able to get into the heart, he found another blocked passage and had to do an extra bypass than was originally anticipated. However, everything has gone remarkably well. Dad is off the breathing tube tonight, and was able to speak briefly to my Mom on the phone this evening.

He is improving hourly right now, and is a better colour than I've seen him in years.

We still have a few hurdles to get through, but I believe we're now on the upward trend rather than the down.

I was extremely fortunate to have very understanding employers. I have been given a Leave of Absence until such time as I feel able to return. Hopefully, that will be next Monday.

Tonight, the relief has given way to exhaustion. I thought I was exhausted last week, but that has nothing on what I'm feeling now. He's through the tough part and now it's just about healing and recouperating.

Thanks has meant a lot to know my friends were so supportive.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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