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Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Pet Peeves
Everyone has them. I try not to have many but there have been a few that have been popping up lately.


The degree or type of spicyness is NOT always a preference. When I ask a server if it something is spicy, it is a medical issue. I can't eat anything in the pepper family. While I may even like it, it does not like me.

Last night, I ordered bruschetta. The menu said 'tomatoes, red onions, garlic and spices'. As usual, I ask what spices. None are peppers so I go ahead with the order.

It arrives to our darkly lit table, and looks fabulous. I take one bite, and to my horror, find a jalapeno in the mix. This is not just any pepper, but one that I have a severe intolerance for. I only had a sliver but that was enough. I ask the server again, and am told 'Oh sometimes, he just throws those in there to make it better'.

Better. Hmmm. Better meant I have been up since 2am, popping Immodium and reading. Which meant my 1 hour commute was, shall we say, a little heart stopping. When someone has an IBD, it's no different than an allergy or intolerance than people with peanut allergies have.

Yeah, better.

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