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Monday, January 23, 2006
Today is Election Day in Canada. For the first time in memory, I have yet to come across even one person who plans not to vote.

It has been a tumultuous ride since the last election 18 months ago. A quick peak at NealeNews gives a good indicator at how bitter things have gotten. The minority government has degraded into a spectacle that questions if we can even call ourselves a civilized country.

Everyone has an opinion, and as with any political conversation, can quickly become a spirited debate. If nothing else, this whole pathetic scandal-ridden government has done wonders for changing a largely apathetic crowd to an opinionated one.

Yesterday, my phone rang around 3pm. When I picked up the phone, there was dead silence for about 5 seconds. Just as I was about to hang up, a recorded voice started speaking. 'This is a message from your Liberal Candidate', it began. Intrigued, I listened. It continued on in a monotone voice, and ended with 'If you wish to support, please press 1.' If she can't even spend the time to have a human voice call constituents, and leave nothing more than an intrusive telemarketer-style message, I can only imagine what she would be like as an elected representative. Earlier in her campaign, her own campaign manager quit likening the situation to 'the Titanic'.

I will vote for my local rep, who I believe in wholeheartedly. He is Conservative, but above that, he has stood by his community both personally and professionally. For the past 13 years of service as an MP, he has listened to the local people and worked to improve things for them. In 1996, he was even arrested for standing up for Fisherman's rights.

It's an exciting day in Canada. There's a feeling that we might actually be able to do some good, and maybe start Canada on a positive path of change.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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