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Thursday, March 23, 2006
The Knee
Guess I should have mentioned that in my haste to update this morning.

Well, pretty good actually. I still have considerable swelling but my range of motion is back. I can walk without a limp - unless I'm tired, and can even balance on one leg and ride the exercise bike for up to 30 minutes. There are some difficulties with stairs, but I'm assured it will come back soon.

A month to the day after the surgery (Tuesday), I went to the driving range and hit 3 golf balls. The original injury occurred on my first time ever golfing and it was important to me to get over the fear. I went with The Dude and while he fired off his bucket of balls right to the back fence, my goal was much simpler. Just swing the club, follow through and prove to myself I won't injure myself any more. I had cleared it with the physiotherapist the day before, that at this point, my biggest hindrance is in my mind. Did it hurt? Unfortunately, yes. That's why I only hit 3, but next time, I'm going to hit 4.

I have also signed up for the Sun Run on April 23. It's 10km and another friend and I will walk it. She had her knee surgery on March 14, and is recovering now. We have made a pact to show up, participate and walk the route. If we finish it, fantastic, but if we don't, we will have at least tried.

For the past 8 months, I had become less and less mobile. It had gotten to the point that I couldn't even go to the grocery store without pain pills. Now, the pain is much's a healing pain and now I have regained my motivation and energy. I don't want to stay still, and in fact, have become much more active than I have in years. I have been exercising daily. It's funny how true it is that you don't miss what you've got until it's gone.

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