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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Blink of an eye
How did this?

become this in nothing short of a blink of an eye?

Ms. Thang turns 5 tomorrow. 5 going on 16. She can be the sassiest, wittiest little girl, and in the next minute giving the best cuddles.

5 years ago tonight, we were on our drive to Alberta in the middle of mudslides, avalanches and white out conditions. What should have been 10 hours was closer to 27.

For her mom, it was a hard night. She wanted her family there but we weren't. We didn't expect such a long trip and even more so, such a quick labour. This little girl came into the world in just under 2 hours. Her mom, just a very young 19, grew up very quickly in that moment. Her dad did too. He was a little older at 22 but the world changed in that moment.

Creed's 'With Arms Wide Open' will always bring back memories of seeing T holding his daughter in our hotel room right after they were released from the hospital.

Now, it's 5 years later. 5 years that have brought our family closer than any other event could have. Deaths, drama and strife had just given us moments of familial unity, but that would fade once we got back to our regular routines. But this baby? There was no fading back. She made us all come together for good.

I watch her now. So sure of herself, so unassuming and accepting of the fact that we are her family. She has no idea how much a catalyst she was for that. I wonder if she ever will.

She has a boyfriend, you know. His name is Taryn. He's from her preschool class. If you mentioned his name, she blushes the most beautiful pink.

Happy birthday, baby girl.

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