Suzy Snapper
Tuesday, March 06, 2007
DC has been a blast so far, but busy and COLD!

The eternal flame on JFK's grave was impressive but the walk through the cemetary not so much. At subzero temperatures with a biting wind, it was hard to spend too much time paying our respect to the fallen heroes.

The Puffy shirt AND Mr. Rogers jacket in the same display as Carrie Bradshaw's laptop? Now THAT would be an interesting episode!

Just outside our hotel. It is a much more impressive building in person than it is on television, and that's saying something.

As we took these pics in from of the White House, we were ushered over to the other side of the street by security. Out of the side gates, the blacked-window SUV's came through at a high rate of speed. Did we see G-Dub? Checking out these pics and noticing the sharpshooters on the roof after, I think we might just have done so.

Tomorrow is up to New York. Let's just hope I can find a decent jacket beforehand. The vest is just not cutting it.

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