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Saturday, March 17, 2007
New York, New York
What a trip! It's hard to know where to begin except to say we had a fantastic time. We arrived at Penn Station to a cold, windy city and began a whirlwind visit to the city. So much to see and even though we were going strong 14 hours a day, we only scratched the surface.

The first night, we got dressed up and walked to the theatre to see Chicago. It was VERY cold and wearing a dress in subzero temperature has it's challenges, but we wanted to make a true evening of it. The anticipation while we got ready for the evening made it even more special. The play? Phenomenal! Bebe Neuwith played a fantastic Roxie.

The next day, we took a trip up to Ground Zero (which will be the subject of a second post) and then up to Central Park, the Guggenheim, and the MOMA. In the afternoon, we met up with Devon. She took us through a great little tour of the area and it was a true highlight to meet her!

We took a trip on the Staten Island Ferry at sunset. A great view of the city as it made it's transition from daylight to night. It was cold, but well worth the trip.

Strawberry Fields. We did a tour with a group called 'New York Party Shuttle' and I would highly recommend it to anyone who visits the city. A 5-1/2 hour tour, with some walking gave us a unique perspective we wouldn't have had otherwise.

Our hotel was just around the corner from Times Square. It's hard not to look like a tourist when presented with so much to look at. Billboards unbelievably large, lights in the most strange places, and SO many people.

Apparently a staple of Time Square, this busker attracts quite a crowd in Times Square. I couldn't help but wonder what was keeping him warm in freezing temperatures!

My favourite picture. Taken from the Staten Island Ferry. You can't help but feel impressed by this statue. She truly does have grace.

We left very early on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, we encountered the one and only nasty New Yorker in our shuttle driver. He felt we didn't tip appropriately and berated us as we left the shuttle. 'Go home and never come back!', he screamed. He didn't damper the trip though and I only wish we'd kept a receipt so I would know the name of the company to advise them of their employee in need of an attitude adjustment.
I came back to uncertain times. Not much I can say yet but there will be some changes coming soon in my life. Some good, some very good and some a little scary but as they say 'As one door closes, another opens'.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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