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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last night, I was able to see our budding softball star in action. Her third T-Ball game, ever. I don't remember seeing her mom play but I must say there is nothing more hilarious than watching a bunch of 5 year olds playing the game.

She's already got great form. But then again, her mother has seen to that. My niece was a very successful and competitive pitcher before she had Ms. Thang. The year she became pregnant, she had two scholarships at major US schools but decided that her life was with her family instead.

Ok, a little off side but at least she gave her all!

Note to Coach: Make sure all the other kids are far enough back so they don't get smacked with the bat. Ms. Thang smoke the little brown haired girl a good one...she was fine, but apparently I caught the second after impact in the photo. Good to know she has empathy!

This little guy was in a world of his own the entire game. I couldn't resist getting a shot of him. If he wasn't chewing on his waist string, he was picking dandelions or twirling. I'll bet he'll grow up to be the biggest star of them all! A lot of fun to do the paparazzi thing last night - the rest of the photos are here.

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