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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Free at Last!
I am now officially done with my previous company. It was not pretty, or gracious or tidy. However, at the end of the day, it is done and I have a great weight lifted off my shoulders.

I sought legal advice on Friday evening and had a better grasp of what I could and should expect.

On Monday, I came in to find the issues had intensified and the inappropriate behaviour increased. When my supervisor came in, I asked to speak with her and told her I felt very uncomfortable. I then spoke with her supervisor and he convinced me to try and stick out the rest of the week.

'Don't let the [bleep]'s win', he said. I thought it odd that instead of condemning poor behaviour, he asked me to ignore it.

In the afternoon, I realized it simply wasn't worth it. Who was I letting win? Me, really. I had nothing to prove, nothing to gain by continuing in a toxic environment.

So I moved up my resignation date officially and left at the end of the day.

Now I just need to relax and destress. And I have 13 more days in which to do it in.

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