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Monday, March 26, 2007
Fixing What's Broke
I promised a big announcement today, and well, I made one.

I am leaving my present company and going to a fabulous new company. Stronger compensation package and much more stable environment. I will begin on April 16 at the new location in downtown Vancouver.

To say these last few months have been a challenge would be a vast understatement. I constantly debate with myself what I should and should not say, especially since finding out my senior boss found my old blog and have been very sensitive of everything I've written on this one ever since.

There are so many fundamentally wrong situations at this current place. The cracks below the surface are varied and deep. As I got more and more into the company's inner workings, the more I realized it was in rough shape. I found that the gossip mill was so entrenched that it worked it's way all the way into executive meetings. That mere thoughts of trespasses actually made it to the executive table and were discussed in depth.

Inappropriate behaviour from open insults to boorish acts are common place. There is no recourse. There is no trust.

When my Dad had his bypass last October, they were good to me. They gave me a leave of absence, so I felt some sort of misguided loyalty. But as the months went by and my misgivings grew, my health began to suffer. The toxic environment took away my ability to sleep, to eat properly, to see things clearly. I was always on alert for the next attack and there have been many. I have lost nearly 20 lbs just since January, and this has not been a diet. Nothing helps you lose weight better than thinking you're about to be publicly humiliated at every turn. I had started to lose faith in question my own intelligence.

I knew I needed to make a change, but had hoped to give myself a full year. However, during my recent trip to New York, when I had not one bout of headache or stomach upset, I realized it had become time.

When I returned, I began looking in earnest. It didn't take long. I had a 60% callback rate on my resume reminded me that I had no reason to question my ability. My old boss was fabulous. Even though we hadn't spoken in a year, he was quick to help where he could and again gave me that much needed confidence boost.

I interviewed three times last week with a large engineering firm for a procurement role. It felt good and although will require me to take the bus rather than drive, it is an exceptional company to work for. I'm excited again about my future and what I can do. And it doesn't hurt that the extra salary will allow me to afford a few new things.

Today I went in with my resignation letter. I knew it wouldn't be taken with joy, but at the same time I did expect some level of respect. Imagine my surprise when the senior boss had no time to speak to me directly, but did have time to call two coworkers in to ask why I was leaving. They also balked at the fact I was taking a week between positions. Excessive, I was told. None of their business, I replied.

It just solidified my position. There is a better place out there for me. A new environment to thrive in. Somewhere where I don't have to continually look over my shoulder.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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