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Friday, March 30, 2007
Breaking Up is hard to do
This week has been very challenging to say the least.

Most relationships that end are less messy than it's been at work in these past few days. Then again, when you break up with someone, you'd don't often give them two weeks notice.

I gave my notice on Monday. It has not gone over well. The one girl I speak to on a regular basis there has been grilled to the extreme about my reasoning, yet they have yet to formally ask me. Forget formally, ask at all! After C. was pulled in on Monday, I went down to speak to the big boss to explain my position and tell him I did not appreciate my colleagues being questioned regarding my business. Apparently though, he did not have time. I was brushed off. He wouldn't close the door to his office so I felt uneasy about speaking openly, and within a minute, I was told he didn't have time to speak to me.

Queue a few days, with escalating tension as we go along. Today got so severe I had to take a moment before I stormed out. I do want to leave on good terms but this is getting so ridiculous and immature, I seriously don't know that I can. There are sideways comments, papers chucked on my desk, interrogations over events long buried and finished.

At the moment, I don't know what to do. My last official day is April 5. I don't see how this can continue as it is but I don't know what my legal stance is. If I leave prior to my notice being complete, does that put me in any jeopardy? I will have to find answers to that by Monday.

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