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Saturday, April 28, 2007
Waiting Game
The good news is the biopsy went better than expected. It was not painful, just merely uncomfortable.

I will know in two weeks, but it is already known that this is carcinoma-in-situ. This means that it has progressed but it is still within the local area. The results of the test will decide which procedure I will have. From what I understand, both have great success and there is 90% cure rate from a single procedure.

The specialist was a jerk. They usually are. No bedside manner. He spoke to his student as if I couldn't hear him, which is why I had knowledge of the type and stage long before I should have. Yesterday I went back to my own doctor and had a good talk with her. She spent a long time going over charts and photos to educate me on what the physiology of this condition is.,

It's obviously not the news I want to be dealing with, but when you look at the bigger picture, it's not the worst that could happen. I think of a good friend of mine right now who's supporting his best friend through bowel cancer. Or I think of my cousin, who has been suffering through long term chemo treatments for the past 6 years. When I think of what they're going through, cervical cancer seems a walk in the park.

I am blessed that if this was to happen, it was caught quickly and will be dealt with relatively easily. My only wish is that anyone out there reading this that does not have regular checkups, please do. I went three years without having one. When I did after much browbeating from my doctor, it showed abnormal cells. That has now progressed, but if I hadn't been getting it checked, we would be dealing with something much more serious.

Am I scared? I wouldn't be normal if I wasn't, but it's not something I can control and I am in good hands with people who can control it. I was very nervous leading up to the test, but now knowing what the result is, I am calm. I know things will be fine.

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