Suzy Snapper
Monday, April 16, 2007
Day One
Today was the first day at the new job. What a different environment! I love it!!

While I'm back in a cubicle rather than an office, it's a much more civil environment. I'm sure there will be issues as I get to know people, but it was such a fantastic change to be welcomed.

There is a lot to do and it will be a challenging time. The organization has just formed our department, and our timelines are tight. It's a good feeling to be busy again.

They were fine with me taking next Thursday afternoon off for my procedure. The Dude has offered to take me but I think I might decline his kind offer. Not sure if I'm ready for him to see me being as uncomfortable as I think I'm going to be. It was hard enough telling him, and even harder to hear the concern in his voice. I'm not good with that.

I have a new addiction as well. Have you tried Facebook yet? I signed up to help with the organization of my high school reunion but found even more people than I would have thought. Several people from my old company where I worked for 10 years but have now been gone for two. It's been a blast reconnecting.

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