Suzy Snapper
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Real Estate Update
So I was ready to offer last night and put my house on the market, but there was a catch. In the end, one I couldn't live with.

The townhouse complex I was interested in was 9 units. On the right, my neighbour was the Mom of the family and on the left was the Dad. The kids ran back between the houses several times while we were looking at it.

I had asked for the possibility of a gate for Molly The Wonder Collie. While they didn't deny me, they made it very clear that they were not impressed with the idea. The family wanted easy access to both the parents. Well, they can have that, but not with me there.

So it's back to Square 1. Or maybe Square 2. In any case, beautiful view and decor doesn't make a difference when you can't enjoy your backyard because of your neighbours.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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